Today we are going to talk about how you can improve the overall quality of your presentation through knowing your audience. Knowing your strengths, capabilities, and limits are important but they are only half the equation. You also need to invest a lot of time in knowing what makes your audience tick. After all, they are the reason you are doing this.

Here are a few things an aspiring motivational speaker should take note of:



motivational-speaking Your initial research should be about the type of people likely to be a part of your audience. More often than not, people who go to self-improvement seminars are people who need uplifting. These are individuals who might have gone through bad marriages, financial crises, people who are currently jobless or worse—homeless. These people are the ones in need most of counseling.

Also, expect that there are also those that have begun to bounce back that need, in a manner of speaking, a motivational booster shot to keep them going strong. They need moral support too. Be aware of this so you can find a good balance between the topics that you might include in your message.

One more thing, while you do not always have control over who comes to your talks, if and when you can, screen people based on your area of expertise. You can express yourself better when you can relate your talk to what you actually do because you can make use of what you know to make better analogies. Better analogies make people understand concepts easier and retain them better. Generally speaking it will be a lot easier for you.



While it is not absolutely necessary to have gone through the same problems as your target demographic, it is however the job of the motivational speaker to make sure they can identify and be able to empathize with their audience. We were all born with essentially the same set of faculties which allow us to generally react to things and feel certain emotions in the same way—you most likely know what it is like to have your mom or dad be mad at you for misbehaving.

You probably know what it feels like to be pressured by a couple of deadlines. If you are a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic then you might have gone through a few breakups in the past. Now, try to recall how these events made you feel and capitalize on them to get a sense of how your audience might be feeling.



Motivational SpeakersA lot of the ideas you present as a motivational speaker will most likely be new to your audience and will be met with resistance. Given the situation that you are on the stage, they might not express it verbally but in their minds they are going to resist much of what you are going to tell them because what they currently know had been instilled in them a long time ago and it’s what they’ve known for a very long time.

They simply can’t help it. Let’s face it, majority of the people you meet on the streets do not have formal training on handling finances let alone proper habit building. Most people don’t even know about problems like The Path of Least Resistance much less about The Expediency Factor which are detrimental to success. In most cases, these concepts are not taught in school. It is then part of your job to make sure that your delivery methods are palatable.

Of course, there are other things you can do to better prepare yourself. It won’t even be surprising if you’d manage to come up with several strategies that are uniquely yours. All in all, just consider your weaknesses as a motivational speaker and work on those before the big event – but don’t forget about honing your strengths as well.


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